Seafood Dumplings (6 pcs) $5.99
Steamed dumplings filled with shrimp, crab meat, & chopped onions.
Pot Stickers (6 pcs) $5.99
Thin pastry filled with chicken & vegetables and fried.
Crab-In-The-Cup (6 pcs) $6.99
Blend of crab meat, shrimp and chopped onions filled in a soft crepe cup and delicately fried.
Satay (6 pcs) $7.99
Chicken marinated in a light carry sauce served with a peanut sauce and cucumber salad
Thai Egg Rolls (4 Rolls) $5.99
Filled with seasoned ground chicken, carrot, bean noodles, cabbage then deep-fried served with a sweet and sour sauce.
Fresh Spring Rolls (2 Rolls) $6.99
Cold Thai soft crepe filled with BBQ pork, tofu, eggs topped with plum sauce
Vegetarian Style Thai Egg Rolls (4 Rolls) $4.99
Filled with carrot, been noodles, cabbage then deep-fried served with a sweet and sour sauce
Vegetarian Style Fresh Spring Rolls (2 Rolls) $5.99
Cold Thai Soft crepe filled with fresh vegetables, tofu and topped with plum sauce.
Fried Wonton (6 pcs) $6.99
Seasoned crab meat and cream cheese, wrapped in thin wonton skin, served with sweet and sour orange sauce.
Fish Cakes $8.99
Fresh fish mousse blended with Thai spices, deep fried, served with cucumber in sweet and sour sauce.
Calamari A La Bangkok $8.99
The finest squids stuffed with delicately seasoned ground pork, dipped in a light butter, then deep fried.
Fried Tofu $5.99
Served with a sweet and sour sauce and topped with ground peanuts.